Education & Non Profit.

Streamline technologies to your vision. Advanced technology has transformed how non-profits interact with different stakeholders. F13 helps transform the vision of non-profits into reality by having the right people, processes & technologies in place. We enable our clients by streamlining their operations, measuring performance, and discovering opportunities for improvement.

  • Process Consulting

  • Analytics-driven Performance Measurement

  • Leveraging Technology

  • Optimization & Automation

Lifesciences & Healthcare.

Nurture holistic health to new heights. The era of ‘patient-centricity’ has been ushered in by the rise of ‘digital health’, the explosion of patient health data and increased collaboration among all the industry stakeholders – providers, caregivers, insurers, life sciences & medical device organizations. To survive and thrive, organizations need to transform and adapt their ‘R&D’ and ‘Commercial’ models to this shift. Successful life sciences organizations of the future will not be drug manufacturers, but those responsible for the holistic health of an individual.

  • Clinical data management,Pharmacovigilance, Real world evidence, Patient engagement

  • Biostatistics and standardization, Product information management, Remote solutions, Device tools and applications

  • Hospital information management, Laboratory systems, Electronic medical records, Revenue cycle management

  • Digital therapeutics, Telemedicine, Tele-consultation, Disease management

Media & Publishing.

Thrive in today’s New Media Age. Omnichannel media consumption, changing consumer behavior, and increased demands for personalized experience have resulted in radical shifts in the media and publishing industry. We help identify the focal points in the media and publishing value chain and collaboratively outline the technology solution landscape to provide customized content, transform the way things are done, and optimize operations. F13’s team of experts cater to a global clientele by reinventing business models and building new delivery and experience platforms to stay one step ahead of the game.

  • Generate recurring revenue now

  • Build your digital empire

  • Improve your customer experience

  • Enterprise scalability

Public Sector.

Make informed decisions to better connect with the public.F13’s tech-driven innovations help government organizations connect better with their people in a cost-effective manner. We implement smart solutions through our people, processes & technology. Our tool-agnostic, multi-faceted approach empowers leaders to make informed decisions for better usage of public resources.

  • Transformation & Modernization

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Drive business goals by embedding analytics, big data and machine learning driven intelligence into the processes

  • Optimize information security and risk management programs, including user access governance

Travel & Logistics.

Help your travellers make better stories. The convergence of business and IT has led to a wave of digital transformation in the travel and logistics space. The advent of new technologies and an increasing expectation for real-time engagement with customers throughout their journey is transforming the way business is being done, with big data being the driving point for innovative strategies. These changing needs must prompt organizations to adapt their systems and processes to an agile framework conducive to innovation. Our travel and logistics experts cater to evolving market dynamics, adaptive planning, and early delivery.

  • Track planning & Ticketing

  • Revenue Management

  • Repair & Overhaul Automation.

  • Develop cross platform and revenue-based solutions to tap the evolving dynamics of the travel loyalty sector.

Real Estate & Architecture.

An unmatched depth to the real estate sector.With deep expertise across a broad spectrum of management disciplines and capabilities.

  • Business unit and corporate strategy

  • Sustained Cost Transformation

  • Customer experience and loyalty

  • Organizational design and alignment

Partnered with  the world’s largest tech giants:

Great benefits from F13.

We leverage our expertise across multiple industries and business functions to drive technology-led business breakthroughs.

  • We empower the client with specialized knowledge of technology or techniques that will benefit the client in operational or strategic activities.

  • Recommendations are data-backed, are prioritized by a relative value, reflect current community standards and take into account competing uses of the organization’s resources and time.

  • The deliverables are innovative, customized to the organization and represent original work based on significant effort, due diligence and expertise.

  • Highly professional and experienced teams which provide tailored solutions.

Other Consulting Agencies

  • Their deliverable is a PowerPoint of existing organizational knowledge without insight or unique synthesis.

  • Recommendations lack depth. Implementing these recommendations causes energy to be drained away from more strategic and beneficial initiatives.

  • Material is reused from other organizations. The volume of deliverables is increased with boilerplate. The content seems unhelpful, general or unrelated to the details of your organization.

  • Insufficiently experienced and professional teams that do not deliver expected results.